In 1976, a young mother named Brenda Young began cleaning houses in Portland, Maine, to help make ends meet. Little did she know, her humble beginnings would lay the foundation for a successful commercial cleaning company that would thrive for decades to come.

Brenda’s Best Cleaning wasn’t incorporated until 2008, but the company’s roots can be traced back to those early days when Brenda’s determination and hard work helped her build a small, one-woman residential cleaning business. Over the years, the company expanded, eventually employing multiple staff members and securing long-term contracts with a focus on reliable commercial cleaning.

In 2014, Brenda passed away, and her daughter, Danielle, stepped in to continue her mother’s legacy. Danielle officially took over as owner in 2019 and shifted the company’s focus entirely to commercial clients in Maine, serving areas from Kittery to Belfast. Today, Brenda’s Best Cleaning boasts a team of 15 dedicated employees, including three long-time managers, all committed to providing exceptional cleaning services.


The Trials and Tribulations of Covid-19

In early 2020 we all experienced a huge change in how we live our lives. At Brenda’s Best Cleaning, we saw a huge growth in demand for disinfection cleaning services and a corresponding drop in the need for regular cleaning of the unused office spaces and facilities that we’d been focused on. 

While we saw changes happen all over our society, we took the opportunity to improve our processes and educate ourselves and others. In fact, we participated in a free mask drive to help people get access to the then-scarce PPE.  This is just one more way we live up to our mission to support our community.


Why Quality Commercial Cleaning Matters

A clean office environment is crucial for making a strong first impression on clients and maintaining a professional atmosphere for employees. Brenda’s Best Cleaning understands this and works tirelessly to provide top-notch cleaning services tailored to each client’s specific needs. The company’s reputation for excellence stems from its commitment to delivering the exact services clients require, when they need them, seven days a week.

Brenda’s Best Cleaning operates on a core mission to provide reliable, high-quality cleaning services on time and on budget, while also valuing open communication with clients and supporting its employees through competitive pay, paid time off, and biannual bonuses. Additionally, the company gives back to the community through donations to key charities.


The People Who Put the “Best” In Brenda’s Best Cleaning

The exceptional team at Brenda’s Best Cleaning includes three dedicated managers: Bridg’t Kazarian, Emily Skyers, and Norman Johnson. Bridg’t, who has been with the company since 2018, loves providing excellent customer service and working for a company that respects its employees. Emily, who joined in 2014, appreciates the flexibility and low-stress work culture at Brenda’s Best Cleaning. Norman, a team member since 2004, has made a career out of providing outstanding commercial cleaning services.


Brenda’s Best Cleaning Today and Forever

Our philosophy emphasizes customer satisfaction, availability for clients, employee well-being, and community service. The low turnover rate within the company speaks to the success of this philosophy, as managers and staff alike become invested in the mission to serve clients and support the team. This commitment to employee satisfaction extends to the janitorial staff, who receive bonuses, paid time off, and competitive wages – benefits that are rare within the cleaning industry.

From its inception as a small, residential cleaning business to its current status as a thriving commercial cleaning company, Brenda’s Best Cleaning stands as a testament to the power of determination, hard work, and a commitment to excellence. As the company continues to grow and serve the people of Maine, it honors the legacy of its founder, Brenda Young, and remains true to its core values.

So, if you’re in need of reliable commercial cleaning services in Maine, consider giving Brenda’s Best Cleaning a call. With their tailored cleaning plans, exceptional team, and commitment to customer satisfaction, you can trust them to take care of your property and your team, just as they have been doing for businesses across Maine since their humble beginnings.