Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial cleaning services are all about custom contracts and reliable service when you need and expect it.  Our philosophy is that if our clients aren’t happy, we’re not doing our job.  With this in mind, we offer services anytime, customized to the client’s needs.  Unlike some commercial cleaners, we don’t limit our services based on our convenience but strive to meet the best-case scenario for our clients.

If at any time we’re not meeting expectations, our management staff is available by phone at any time to address concerns and correct mistakes.  Good communication is the foundation of a functional partnership, so we place a strong emphasis on our availability and quick response times.

The Best Cleaning Products Are The Ones You Want To Be Used

While we have all the industry-standard cleaning products that we will default to using if you don’t have a preference, we place emphasis on using the cleaning products our clients want to be used.  We believe that the best product to use is the one you want to be used because you understand your needs better than we do.  

We don’t think this is a radical idea, but there has been a trend over the last decade of cleaning companies exclusively using their preferred products regardless of client input.  As a customer-service-focused company, we will never dictate what cleaning products are used except as mandated by product availability.

Contracts As Unique As Your Business

Our cleaning contracts are totally customized to your needs. Rather than applying a cookie-cutter solution to all our clients, we work with you to identify your actual needs, then address those needs as you want them addressed. Giving the customer what they want is at the heart of our philosophy and key to our success as a multi-generational janitorial service company. If this sounds good to you, please get in touch with us, and we can begin the process of quoting out your needs and providing the services you need.

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Brenda’s Best Cleaning will provide a cleaning plan tailored to your specific need, so you don’t have to pay for the unnecessary or go without the key services you need.  We have earned a reputation for excellence by providing our clients with exactly what services they need when they need them.  That’s why we work day or night, seven days a week.  Call us today, and let us show you what we can accomplish for you.

Periodic Services

The reality of any commercial space is that cleaning needs aren’t the same every day.  While you need some services, such as trash pickup, every time, there are many occasional needs that don’t make sense to service every time we clean, such as window cleaning.  We build these occasional needs into our contracts either included in the base cost or as an optional add-on at client discretion.  

These periodic services are just one more way we customize our approach to meet exactly your needs. We can adjust the frequency of these periodicals seasonally or as your needs dictate.  After all, the point of hiring a professional company to take care of your cleaning is to have the problem solved for you, with as little intervention needed on your part as possible.