Looking for a janitorial Career?

At Brenda’s Best Cleaning, we want to find employees looking for a long-term janitorial career with benefits and competitive pay, not just a job. The flexible hours and holiday bonuses we offer make us a great fit for a side job for a single or stay-at-home parent to earn extra money and still have time for their family. As a community-focused, equal-opportunity employer, we love hiring people to work in their own communities and build relationships that last a lifetime.

We’re Hiring The Following Positions At This Time

Janitorial Cleaners

Compensation: hourly, $17 to $25 depending on experience, flexibility, and the contract you work on
Benefits: 1 week of PTO per year (1 hour of PTO per 40 hours worked), two holiday bonuses per year
Hours: Vary by contracts open; part-time and full-time positions available