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Welcome to Brenda’s Best Cleaning, one of Maine’s longest-running commercial cleaning companies, with nearly 50 years of serving our communities with top-quality cleaning for businesses.  We provide comprehensive commercial cleaning services to businesses, including regional and national businesses’ offices in Portland, Maine.

Unfortunately, we aren’t able to accommodate any residential cleanings at this time due to our complete focus on catering to commercial cleaning and janitorial needs.  We do, however, offer seasonal turnover cleaning for hotels and vacation property managers.


“Brenda’s Best Cleaning Service has been a vendor of mine for twelve plus years. During this time period she has worked in a large number of buildings that I have managed in my 30,000 square mile territory in the state of Maine.”

Boulos Property Management

“I wish to commend and recognize Brenda’s Best Cleaning Service for your fine efforts and quality service. It has been a true pleasure to have you and rocky service our locations during the past year.”

Community Health and Counseling Services

“C&W Services has been subcontracting work to Brenda’s Best Cleaning Services for over five years, they provide the support to our business in the state of Maine, they are a great organization, very professional, well established, and great to work with.”

C&W Services


Do you need regular commercial cleaning at your Portland, Maine, offices? We provide customized regular cleaning services for offices, including just the services you need. Example services include high dusting, trash pick up, disinfection, screen cleanings, bathroom cleanings, and even exterior cleaning services like power washing or window cleaning.

Floor Care

At Brenda’s Best Cleaning, we understand not just how to clean hardwood floors properly without causing additional wear or damage over time, but we also have the expertise and equipment to offer floor maintenance services like waxing and polishing hardwood floors.

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Strip & Wax

Linoleum and other vinyl floors are a common and affordable way to provide durable flooring in office and commercial settings.  Unfortunately, vinyl tiles require regular maintenance to keep their lustrous shine for the years that follow installation.  We offer full linoleum strip and wax services in Southern Maine, as a part of an existing cleaning contract or as a one-off service.

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Carpet Cleaning

Commercial short-bristle carpets are great at reducing foot fatigue and dampening sound, but they’re not known for great stain resistance.  We provide commercial-grade wet extraction cleaning services that will leave your tired carpeting looking new.

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We offer interior window cleaning and work with commercial cleaning partners to provide exterior window cleaning up to the second story of commercial buildings.  Often this is included at a discounted rate as an occasional add-on to regular office cleanings.

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Power Washing

Out power washing services make use of powerful mobile power washing equipment that blasts dirt and grime off of concrete, stone, brick, and other hard surfaces on the exterior of your building or walkway.  Often this is included at a discounted rate as an occasional add-on to regular office cleanings.

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Disinfection Cleanings

Ever since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, our disinfection services have been in high demand by our clients to help keep their staff safe.  We use commercial-grade disinfectants on high-touch point areas like light switches and door handles to minimize the transmission of diseases in commercial settings.  This is a great add-on for flu season, too!

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Deep Cleanings

We offer seasonal deep cleanings that get at all the pieces of your property that don’t normally get cleaned.  This is when we tackle challenges like high, hard-to-reach surfaces, under and behind hard-to-move furniture, and other spots where dust and pollen might be gathering out of sight.

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The Brenda’s Best Cleaning Difference

When you work with Brenda’s Best Cleaning, you benefit from the confidence that comes with having a reliable service provider with an excellent, long track record on your team.  We work with our clients to maximize their benefits with highly customized cleaning contracts that include exactly what you need and nothing you don’t.  With our wide range of specific services and a large team of professional, full-time cleaning and janitorial staff, you can count on us to meet or exceed your expectations every step of the way. Trust us for all your commercial cleaning services in Portland, Maine, and beyond!